Room 15’s Sizzling Sausages


Congratulations on such a successful stall. I am so impressed with the great team work and positive energy displayed by everyone. It was great to have so many offers to help, do a second shift and to work in an job they weren’t prepared for- so resilient!

Thank you to all of the families that donated goodies and the amazing volunteers who cooked the barbecue and supported the children to be successful sausage sellers. None of this would have been possible without you!
Also, a shout out to Cimarosti Brothers Colonel Light Meat Store. They kindly sold us the sausages at a really great price. If you don’t already buy your meat from them I hope you’ll take the time to visit their shop and support a local business that supported us!

Even though we tried our best, we couldn’t sell off all of the sausages. The left overs will be used on Friday for an impromptu class celebration. If your child is keen for another sausage sizzle, then don’t worry about packing their lunch!

Below are 2 collections of photos.

The first is part of our preparation of Enterprise day. Sellers had to choose 3 items, decide a fair price, and give change to the buyers. After this the children swapped roles. The buyers had an opportunity to make some money back by now selling some items, and the sellers got to spend their hard earned money.

The second collection is a display of my (dismal) attempt to take photos of our stall at Enterprise Day. Hopefully some more photos will be shared with staff soon, then I will pass them on too!

Hey Jaguars, excursion tomorrow!

Dear Black Jaguars,

Just a reminder about our science excursion tomorrow.

Please pack fruit, recess, lunch and water bottle in a plastic bag. We will be out from 9.30am until 2.30pm, so please don’t bring money or order a lunch order.

Get a good night’s sleep so you’re ready for the sciency goodness!

Miss Chambers

Last minute Enterprise Day news

Hi everyone,

Only one more sleep!

This afternoon permission slips will be going home for the stalls using face paint, nail polish, hair product etc. Please fill in and return to the stall tomorrow if your child would like to visit these stalls.

Please remember to bring your child’s hat, and provide sunscreen at it’s going to be a toasty 33 degrees!

The day kicks off from 12.30 tomorrow, and runs until 2pm. Our stall is actually starting at 11.10 so that we can get the pre-orders done and cook some of the sausages ready for 12.30. With the early start I anticipate we will also have an early finish, which means plenty of time for the Jaguars to browse and buy if they wish.

I encourage you to leave your children at school when the event concludes. The money will be taken to classrooms for counting, which is a very exciting and rich learning opportunity.

Thank you so much to the parents that have already begun to bring donations. We still need many loaves of bread. If you can donate some sliced white bread tomorrow morning please let me know by 5pm as I will be going to the shops tonight for any last minute items we might need.


Enterprise Day and Excursion info

Hello again!

I have put a list of items needed for enterprise day outside the classroom. Please write your name next to anything you would like to donate for the event.
If you (or someone from the family) can help the jaguars on the day with collecting money, cooking the bbq and crowd control, please send me an email to confirm by Friday. DCSI clearances and RAN training are required.

We also have our SciWorld excursion next Thursday. If you can join us please send an email to confirm by Friday. DCSI clearances and RAN training are required.

Many thanks,


Oxford Owl

Hi Families,
Below is a letter from Marie Pytharoulis regarding an online reading program called Oxford Owl. Please read through this and get in touch if you have any questions or concerns:

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Thursday’s antics

Our Buddies Easter Picnic was a great success! Our very thoughtful big buddies made us bunny ears, which looked fantastic. After getting through 4 tabletops of food (thanks families!) everyone had fun playing together.

In our science inquiry session we investigated the quickest way to melt a piece of ice using body heat. The Black Jaguars are working like scientists as they improve their skills of predicting, recording their observations and reflecting on their findings.

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing long weekend.

See you in week 10!


We have been practicing our communication skills by playing “back-to-back”. Turns out some of the black jaguars have a bit of work to do on communicating clearly and giving specific detail…

Also, I have set up a board in the office foyer to communicate the learning we have been doing about heat. Check it out when you get a chance!

Enterprise Day planning

Hi everyone,

Enterprise Day (11 April, Wednesday wk 11) is fast approaching, so it’s time for us to get on with our planning!

To connect with our science inquiry into heat, I challenged the jaguars to think of stall ideas that use heat. After a brainstorming session, the idea of having a barbecue was mentioned. With alarm bells ringing in my mind and visions of burns and food poisoning, I smiled and nodded and wrote it on the board. Now after some thought, and discussions at the Enterprise Day committee meeting, I’m beginning to think that maybe it could work… but only if we have your help!

If this is to go ahead, I will approach local butchers to ask for donations or discounts in exchange for advertising at the stall (unless you have other connections). What I will need from parents is donations of bread, sauce, onions, serviettes, and time to help cook the barbecue.

Previously sausage sizzles have been run by the sports club or Lions club, with profits going back to their clubs. This way all profits will come back to the school, and contribute to renovating the Louvre into a new learning space equipped for cooking and science.

Please let me know if you or someone from your family can help in any way so that I can lock it in, otherwise I will gently nudge the ideas in a different direction.


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