Seesaw transition

Hi everyone,
Most of you have moved over to Seesaw which is fantastic! I’ve found it much more user friendly and convenient than the blog, and I hope you have to. Because of this, I’ve decided to use Seesaw as my primary mode of communication for class information and notifications. This will begin from next week (Week 3). I will send another QR code to the families who haven’t connected yet.
Yay technology!

Term 3!

Welcome to Term 3!
I hope you all had a lovely two weeks with lots of family time.
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone back tomorrow, and getting stuck into another term of learning. Stay tuned for the term overview.
We will have an excursion in week 3 (Thurs 9th) to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. If you are available to help on the day please let me know!
Also, a reminder that to comply as a Sun Smart school hats need to go back on for play times this term.
See you tomorrow!


Hi everyone,
I’ve decided to give Seesaw a go with the intention of using as an alternative to the blogs in the future. Through the app I can share information and photos, and so can the kids! What your child posts is only visible to you, and anything I post is only accessible to you and the family member you invite. Instructions about how to sign up is coming home with your child’s report.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

No lunch orders

Hi families,

Just wanting to clarify that there cannot be lunch orders in week 9 because of swimming. The canteen cannot guarantee delivery in time.



Class updates and info

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, on the home learning sheet I have asked for donations of yarn. We will be using this to make tomboys in swimming week (wk 9), and some of our learning in week 10 will be based around what we make. Thanks to the families who have begun to bring in some wool for this!

Swimming is next week. There are still a few notes to come back to school.
We will be leaving school at 1.00pm, and returning at 3.10pm. Please help your child to be organised with bags and labelled items.

Here is some information about watching your child’s swimming lessons:

Watching their children at swimming lessons is highly valued by CLGPS parents and is a privilege that we would like to see continue in future years. A number of concerns have been raised by the staff at Westminster Pool related to the safety of students and visitors and to ensuring that students are able to have the best learning experience possible.  It is important for the learning and safety of students that

  • noise level is kept to a minimum (eg take phone calls/conversations outside)
  • students remain focused on their instructor
  • Toddlers are not brought into the pool area
  • The pool deck is kept clear and accessible for staff and students
    o   No prams
    o   Visitors sit back from pool deck areas where instructors are working with students
  • No photography in the pool area
  • If supporting younger students with getting changed, parents only help their own child. If adults help other students, adults must have a DCSI clearance and RAN training and chat to the class teacher about helping.

If you would like to come to watch your child swim, there is a sign up sheet outside of Room 15. Please add your name on the day you would like to attend

What’s The Buzz?

Lesson 4 was about being friendly:

Friendly face

  • a soft, relaxed face
  • smile
  • looking at the person’s eyes or face to show you’re interested

Friendly body

  • relaxed body
  • stand tall, shoulders back
  • arms by your side
  • stand about an arm’s length away

Friendly words

  • greetings: “hi”, “hello”, “hey there”
  • asking questions about the other person, and listening to the answer
  • offer a compliment

Lesson 5‘s focus was Competition, Winning and Losing:

Five facts about playing games:

  1. When you play games you will win, lose or draw
  2. Winning is exciting, it feels good
  3. Losing is disappointing, it does not feel good
  4. Angry or whining losers look bad and people don’t enjoy playing with them
  5. Play to have fun during the game, not just to win at the end

Whether you win or lose, to be a good sport you could:

  • thank the other team
  • congratulate others
  • say “good game”, “well played”
  • ask if they want to play again
  • compliment others

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday for LUTA! I hope you haven’t been waking up with the songs in your head like I have…


Friday Funday

We did things a bit differently today..

We made chatterboxes to practice spelling, found out what you can (and can’t) do in a minute for maths, and learnt about fractions with our buddies! Then, after lunch, the lucky year 2s had community time while the year 3s practiced for LUTA.

Happy Friday!

Swimming week 9

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a lovely long weekend!

Just to confirm that swimming will commence on Monday 25th June, week 9 (not July as stated on the consent form).

Thanks to the families that have brought back the consent and medical forms back. Please make this a priority if you haven’t already done so! Also, if your child requires medication please ensure that what we have at school has not expired.



Gawler Photos

Here are a few snaps from our Gawler excursion…

Thank you so much to the parents who came along! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Excursion packing

Hi everyone,

Here’s a list of what children must bring for tomorrow’s excursion:

  • recess (fruit will be eaten at recess time)
  • lunch
  • drink bottle (water)

Here are some optional things you might like to pack:

  • gum boots/spare shoes
  • warm jacket
  • beanie/hat
  • book for the bus

The bus leaves at 9.00am so please have your child at school before 8.50am to help the morning organisation to run smoothly.

Let me know if you have any questions!